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Media Gallery recommends content that’s right for you

Media Gallery is a new VAIO software that recommends the right media to play depending on the mood or moment. Using Sony’s original analysis technology, Media Gallery searches your VAIO for photos, videos and music then suggests selections that are just right for you.
It can also match different types of media in order to complement current playback. Let Media Gallery surprise you with photos and videos from the past while listening to a favourite oldie, or vice versa. You’ll love the fun new dimension that Media Gallery adds to the VAIO experience.

Enjoy a new multimedia experience everyday
A continually refreshed display of photos, videos, music and web content

Open Media Gallery to peruse the daily recommendations displayed as large thumbnails. If you see something you like, click on the appropriate thumbnail. Media Gallery not only accesses the desired content, but also displays a list of related photos, videos and music. For example, if you choose a video shot in 2009, Media Gallery searches your media collection and suggests matching background music, other photos and videos shot around the same time as well as music released the same year - a great way to rediscover fond memories and tunes!

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